Kristian Skovbakke Villadsen

Director and Associate Partner, Gehl Architects

Kristian Villadsen leads urban strategies, masterplans, concept design and landscape projects, with a focus on involving people in the goal of sustainable behaviour -"Reducing Co2 per person in everyday life is as important as reducing Co2 per m2". His role spans from partaking in the political discussions which help define city and project visions, to steering the process of identifying the strategies needed to be implemented. Kristian successfully uses an Integrated Design Process, based on best practice projects, evidence, knowledge and data to secure the alignment between vision and implementation. He works in Europe, North America and Asia.

Ivan Bartoš

Deputy Prime Minister for Digitalisation and Minister for Regional Development

Ivan Bartoš is a long-time chairman of the Czech Pirate Party, having been at the founding of the party in 2009. He has been a Member of Parliament of the Czech Republic since the autumn of 2017, and he successfully defended this mandate in 2021. For four years, he held the position of Chairman of the Committee on Public Administration and Regional Development in the Chamber of Deputies, where he also worked on issues such as digitisation.

Professionally, he has worked in several Czech and multinational companies in the field of information technology, including Newton IT, Monster Worldwide, T-Mobile and started the Air Jobs portal.

Jan Šulc

Managing Director of EBM Partner

Jan Šulc has been leading the EBM Partner project team since 2021. With great commitment and ambition, he is setting the strategy and processes leading to stable growth in the residential development and rental housing sector. He and his team are preparing the city-building project Stromovka Kladno on a 63,000 m2 brownfield site in close proximity to Kladno's main train station and the 10,000 m2 Engerth Residence in the Kladno - Ostrovec district.

Jan joined EBM from Skanska Property Czech Republic, where he worked as project director for administrative projects in the Czech Republic and Hungary. He studied civil engineering at the Czech Technical University in Prague. After his studies, Jan gained practical experience in construction as a construction manager and project manager at Goldbeck Bau.

Ondřej Rys

Councillor for the Development of the City of Kladno

Ondřej Rys is an architect and, since 2014, a councillor (except 2018-20) in his hometown of Kladno. As a councillor, he is responsible for architecture, urban planning and development of the City of Kladno. During his time at City Hall, the city has commisioned a number of regulatory plans and zoning studies including ones on brownfield sites, which are currently being progressively acted on.

David Petr

Coordinator of Strategic Business Park Plzeň-Líně, CzechInvest

David Petr graduated from the Czech Technical University in Prague, specializing in transport engineering and urban planning. As a consultant, he participated in the preparation of several important domestic and foreign projects. David currently uses this experience as Director of the Investment Localisation Department at CzechInvest, where he helps both investors coming to the Czech Republic and local municipalities with their development projects. He focuses specifically on brownfields and their new uses. 

Jan Hana

Head of Brownfields Department, Ministry of Trade and Industry

Jan Hana works as Head of the Brownfields Department at the Ministry of Trade and Industry. The agenda of this department is to support brownfields for business utilization. Previously, Jan worked for private developers and then for the CzechInvest agency as a project manager for industrial sites.

Petr Očko

Deputy Minister of  Trade and Industry 

Petr Očko is a senior Czech public official and a leading expert on the information economy, European integration and related areas. As Deputy Minister of Trade  and Industry  he is responsible for digitisation and innovation, Petr started his career at the successful Czech start-up Globe Internet and has been active in both the private and public sectors. He has been extensively involved in various EU related projects and has served as CEO of CzechInvest and Chairman of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic. Petr believes in innovation and the potential of the Czech Republic to be a global leader in Industry 4.0 and human-centric digital innovation solutions.

Tomáš Kadeřábek

Managing Director, Association of Developers

Tomáš Kadeřábek has been working in the field of construction and project management for more than 20 years. He has been involved in a number of commercial, office and residential real estate projects. Tomáš has worked in major property development companies, where his activities have included both project and corporate management. Since 2006 Tomáš has been working as an independent expert in the field of real estate management and has been involved in numerous projects. Since 2015 he has also been a director of the Association of Developers, z.s..

Dan Jiránek

Chairman of the Commission for Environment and Energy, SMO ČR

Dan Jiránek's professional career has always been linked to the use of brownfields and the assessment of the impact of redevelopment on the environment and human health. Dan worked in Kladno as Deputy Mayor for 6 years and managed the City of Kladno as Mayor for 12 years. He was a long-time member of the European Committee of Regions. From 2004 up to the present day he has been a representative of the Central Bohemian Region.

Tomáš Ctibor

Founder and Executive Director of 4ct

Tomáš Ctibor is the founder and CEO of 4ct, a multidisciplinary platform focused on project planning and providing innovative services in the field of development and transformation of cities and regions, both for the public and private sectors. Currently, 4ct is also involved in international collaborations on several large-scale transformation projects. Tomáš specializes in the analysis, preparation, setup, process coordination and management of development projects, finding new sustainable strategies and solutions that enable effective communication between all relevant stakeholders.

Pavel Pravda

Owner of Poldi Kladno complex

Pavel Pravda has worked as an attorney-at-law for more than 25 years, including the last 18 years as a partner at the international law firm bnt attorneys-at-law, where he advised on major real estate and energy transactions for Czech and international investors, including their financing. In the last few years, Pavel has been developing his own real estate projects - the revitalisation of the brownfield of the former steelworks Poldi in Kladno.

Jakub Matuška

Deputy Mayor of City of Břeclav

Jakub Matuška has served as Deputy Mayor with responsibility for investments, property, urban development and social policy since 2019. Under his leadership, the zoning plan has been changed, the principles of cooperation with investors have been approved, and major construction projects such as the revitalization of the brownfield of the former sugar factory have been set up.

"We are looking for a balanced development plan for Břeclav, we want to turn it into a self-confident town with quality job opportunities, which will fully exploit the potential offered by both its location and its inhabitants."

David Vais

Developer and CEO, Logport

David Vais is behind the creation of Logport Development s.r.o., where he also holds the role of CEO. Logport's aim is to develop key urban infrastructure through commercial zones focused on distribution, manufacturing, retail and services. These commercial zones are mainly located on brownfield sites and the technical requirements are focused on the use of renewable energy. David has been in the industrial development industry since 2013, having worked at Cushman & Wakefield, CTP and JLL. In 2018 he founded Logport Development Ltd. where he has been active since early 2020.

Jana Vondráčková

Coordinator of the Na Vysokém residential project

Jana Vondráčková is originally a process analyst, and has been involved in development since 2008. She is a co-founder of CIO holding and CIO project and a member of the supervisory board of Konsit construction company.

Jana is currently using the experience gained in the implementation and operation of residential and commercial zone projects in the development of the Na Vysokém site in Kladno Dubí. Here, in cooperation with the architectural and urban planning office m4 and an expert group, she is preparing the revitalization of the former František Josef coal mine site. In its place, a modern residential area called Na Vysokém will be created, replacing industrial usage with residential, community, educational and recreational functions.